Social Development

Ages 3-5

Children will participate in building and story-telling exercises that will help to explain, define and demonstrate various emotions. Children will participate in group cause and effect discussions. These sessions are important so that children learn how to express themselves in a healthy fashion and they also learn how to react when others around them are expressing their emotions, both good and bad. These concepts are also taught in both French and Spanish. Learning another language at an early age will help each child as they enter elementary school.

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Children will work with partners and in groups to construct visual emotions with brick pieces. These pieces will be used to help them role-play in a variety of situations. Children will participate in group discussions that will help them to understand various emotions as well as how to best express them and react to them from others. These sessions will reinforce the importance of learning to have healthy emotions, but more importantly, how to express feelings to one another in a healthy manner.   Identifying situations that might bring out certain emotions is also important, so children can anticipate someone’s reaction or know what to expect, so at times they can be better prepared themselves. Children will learn about cause and effect relationships while using their brick pieces and sharing stories.

Benefits to this program include, but are not limited to, public speaking, role-playing, healthy emotional development, improved dexterity and fine motor skills, vocabulary, independent thinking and peer collaboration.


Color Recognition
Communication Skills
Creative Storytelling
Fine Motor Skill Development
French Class Available
Independent Thinking
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Role Playing
Spanish Class Available