3-5 years old

Children will explore various global habitats and the plants and animals found within each one. Individual and collaborative discussions will be a part of each session. The valued outcome for each child is to recognize the differences and similarities between habitats and where they are located. Children will have the opportunity to look at these relationships on a global scale, learning how all of the pieces fit together collectively and why it is important for people to be good stewards of the environment. These concepts are also taught in both French and Spanish. Learning another language at an early age will help each child as they enter elementary school.


Children will have the opportunity explore many aspects of science and the natural world through various building activities. Topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to, metamorphosis, planting and growing (photosynthesis), weather, habitats and communities (arctic region, savannah, desert, ocean, wooded forest, rainforest, farm). Animal communities and ecosystems sessions will discuss similarities/differences and as well as any animals/plants that are endangered and what is being done to help protect or restore populations. Real world applications keep children engaged and foster a desire to learn. Much of these sessions will encourage children to participate in discussions with their peers and to share their ideas and creations with one another. Through these activities, children build confidence, self-esteem and build a strong foundation for public speaking. These sessions are interactive and encourage children to work with their peers.

Benefits of the nature/science program sessions include, but are not limited to, making connections and associations between habitats, socializing and working with peers and public speaking, all while gaining knowledge about the natural world around us. Fine motor skills, dexterity and object-manipulation are fostered throughout these sessions. Matching, patterns and color recognition are other skills that are implemented during these sessions.


Communication Skills
Fine Motor Skill Development
French Class Available
Independent Thinking
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Spanish Class Available

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