Numbers and Math

3-5 years old

Children will be immersed in various mathematical operations and concepts. The valued outcome is for each child to strengthen their math skills and fluency with numbers. These concepts are also taught in both French and Spanish. Learning another language at an early age will help each child as they enter elementary school.

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Children are immersed in activities that teach them number recognition, counting and number value. Activities are common core aligned so that children will learn to manipulate and understand “base 10” concepts as well as how to decompose numbers. Matching, patterns and sequencing activities will be completed throughout sessions.  Throughout this program children work on various age-appropriate mathematical functions and processes that strengthen their skills. At the end of each session, children will be given the opportunity to create designs that relate to the curriculum covered during that day’s session. Children will share their designs with each other, explaining what they did, how and how that relates to the mathematical concepts covered. These creative moments afford children the opportunity to think openly and freely, while socializing with their peers. Cooperative learning between the classmates is emphasized as ideas are shared and built upon through discussion. As children share their ideas with each other, they are learning to become better public speakers and the audience strengthens their abilities to be good listeners. Confidence building is strongly emphasized throughout the program. French and Spanish sessions are also offered.

The many benefits to our math program include, but are not limited to, problem solving, public speaking, socializing, strengthens one’s ability to work independently as well as with a team of peers. A child’s fine motor skill, dexterity and sequencing skills are enhanced throughout various activities.


Communication Skills
Fine Motor Skill Development
French Class Available
Independent Thinking
Number Recognition
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Spanish Class Available