All About Community

3-5 years old

Children will learn about various people in their communities by exploring various brick sets and having collaborative discussions about them. The valued learning outcome for each child is to recognize and appreciate the various people that serve others in a community as well as to identify the purpose of different types of buildings and vehicles that they may encounter. These concepts are also taught in both French and Spanish. Learning another language at an early age will help each child as they enter elementary school.

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Children will be engaged in activities that teach them about various people in the community as well as the roles they fill and why they are important to the success of a community. These sessions will encourage children to recognize and appreciate those who serve them and their needs in different settings in the community. Children will also discuss the importance of various buildings, businesses and vehicles that they frequently encounter in their community.  Children will participate in interactive sessions throughout this program that encourage story telling and situational awareness. They will analyze and rationalize relationships, functions, similarities and differences between the various groups and communities as well as categorize these similarities and differences. Public speaking and imagination are the focal points of this program. The various settings that children will encounter in these programs include schools, stores, public services and volunteer emergency services. Children will be asked to make connections between these activities and their real-life experiences. Activities that encourage imagination and story-telling help to both strengthen and improve an individual’s fluency in English language skills and help to make them better communicators.

Benefits of the community program sessions are allowing children to be creative, free thinkers while learning about the world around them. Children learn how to both share their thoughts in a cohesive manner as well as to listen to others’ ideas. These types of open discussion sessions benefit the children as they learn to both ask and answer questions as well as help to add details to stories in a constructive manner. This program series emphasizes strong communication skills, public speaking, sequencing and dexterity. French and Spanish sessions are also available.


Communication Skills
Creative Storytelling
Fine Motor Skill Development
French Class Available
Independent Thinking
Public Speaking
Role Playing
Spanish Class Available