3-5 years old

Children will be immersed in a color each session and will learn/discuss what objects/animals can be found that are that color and will also discuss the color wheel. The valued learning outcome is for each child to be fluent in color recognition and to be able to easily cite common objects that come in certain colors. These concepts are also taught in both French and Spanish. Learning another language at an early age will help each child as they enter elementary school.

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Children participate in various building activities that teach colors. Sessions will encourage children to identify as well as to build objects of these specific colors that are found around us. Children will be asked to share their ideas and creations with one another during theses sessions.   Building activities will include objects/animals found in a variety of settings, habitats and communities. These sessions help children to make connections and associations between the various building activities. French and Spanish color sessions are also offered.

Benefits of the color program sessions include, but are not limited to, color recognition, identifying the colors of commonly found items, objects and animals. Public speaking, independent thinking and peer collaboration. Children also learn to share ideas and to accept new ideas into one’s one creation/thinking. Fine motor skills are enhanced through object-manipulation.


Color Recognition
Communication Skills
Creative Storytelling
Fine Motor Skill Development
French Class Available
Independent Thinking
Public Speaking
Spanish Class Available