The Brick Academy was created to foster a deep love of learning while using a fun tool… LEGOs®!

Sessions offered by The Brick Academy focus on enhancing Pre-K curriculum and aim to be common core aligned so that children will be familiar with terminology and processes as they enter kindergarten. In addition to these enrichment activities, students will be encouraged to use good manners, respect one another, do THEIR best and to encourage one another. These skills are just as important as what is being covered during each enrichment session. Children thrive in a positive environment, and these sessions provide such a setting.

Every session will give children an opportunity to share their creative nature with their peers, work independently and collaboratively, as well as encourage and practice public speaking.

We at The Brick Academy believe that the love of learning can be and should be implemented at a young age. Our enrichment sessions offer a fun, creative and productive environment that affords each child that opportunity.

Please look out for additional opportunities to register your child for a unique monthly building session as well as mini-figure swaps. 

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